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So I joined the Lewiston-Auburn Bicycle Pedestrian Committee

So, I joined the Lewiston-Auburn Bicycle Pedestrian Committee. It’s a new committee that was created to essentially help develop walking and bike-friendly transportation in the big cities. As a Lewiston resident, runner, and dog walker, I felt qualified enough to join the committee. I  talk to work most days a week, run on Lewiston roads most days […]

What I’ve been up to lately

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/HeatherSteeves/status/147782131068833792″] I know, Heather, I know. Also sad to note: This tweet was two days ago and it took me that long to follow up. Truth is that I haven’t been running … as much as I used to. I really like weight training. A lot. I’m in that continually-seeing-results stage of starting a […]