One year after pregnancy, by the numbers

On Tuesday morning, a little after midnight, a whole year had passed since Baby Runs big day.

Tony, Felicity and Pattie


I have so many things I want to write about staying fit and parenting an almost toddler, but like anyone who’s been there knows, all your priorities shift after you have kids and blogging has fallen far behind for me.

Lissie Jean, almost walking.

My hands are literally full, all the time now.


So in lieu of the big things I want to say, here’s just the 50,000-foot view:


Less than 6

The number of nights in the last year where I have slept through 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. Two of those nights have been in the last week.


Longest number of consecutive days I have run in a row (May 26 to May 30 of this year).


Miles run since I gave birth.


How many seconds my average pace per mile has dropped comparing the year before I gave birth to the year after I gave birth.

13.1 miles

My longest run since giving birth, at the Race the Runways Half Marathon, which I might have had no business running. But I did OK anyway.


Average number of days per week I ran.


Average length of a run in miles in 2015.

2 (but sorta 3)

Number of competitions I’ve completed this year — Race the Runways and the Tri for the Y. (But I also walked in Erin’s Run.) I want to do the Labor Day five-miler next.


Longest break I’ve taken from running in days. That was a few weeks after Race the Runways, which left me with some hip flexor pain (which is why you shouldn’t run races you haven’t trained for).

2015-06-23 07.31.30


The cost of the sweet sweet jogging stroller I picked up used on Craigslist when Lissie was 14 weeks old. It’s been loved, but I saved $300 but getting it used!


Duration in minutes of the slideshow of Lissie’s photos and videos taken by her father and myself in the first year for her birthday party.


The number of pounds I lost since the day I came home from the hospital.


The number of pounds I lost since my second week after giving birth.


The number of diapers I estimate we’ve bought this year.

The thing that was surprisingly easy:

Getting back into running. I had such an extensive base and I’m know what I’m doing. Even though my fitness is nowhere near what it was, I feel like my mechanics are good.

The other thing that was easy

Not caring about competing. I have too many things to care about now.

The thing that was surprisingly tough:

Not sleeping. Not sleeping. Not sleeping.  I found myself way too many times having to choose between a workout and a nap.


Remember when I was like, anyone can find 30 minutes to be fit? Um, its really hard to find 30 minutes when you have a newborn. #sorrynotsorry

At least a million

The number of times I asked myself if I could really go through all this again.


The number of times I regretted it.

My favorite running partner.

My favorite running partner.




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