And with that, maternity leave is over

This last week was a bittersweet week with Lissie and I, because it was my last one as a “stay at home mom.”

2014-10-11 10.41.51

Having 12 weeks of paid leave off was amazing. I feel like I got to spend my daughter’s tiniest, vulnerable-ist, neediest moments with her. And she already is getting so much more capable so fast.

2014-10-12 11.26.58

I spent some time on the last day — yesterday — riding my bike solo. It was one of those beautiful perfect fall days that doesn’t get any better than that. Mosquitos are gone, sun is shining, leaves are glimmering and all is well.

2014-10-12 15.54.56

In a different way, going back after maternity leave is another momentous moment, maybe even harder to emotionally navigate than the day she was born. When she was born, instinct kicked in and I just did what I needed to do. Today, we have to figure out how our family life will fit together for the rest of our lives.

2014-10-02 16.28.46

According to Bringing up Bebe, French women are expected to get their bodies back after 12 weeks. Ha! That didn’t happen. I think I am on a different point in my fitness journey now. The old Pattie would have started setting up fitness plans and choosing goal races. This Pattie is fine with continuing life at 10 pounds overweight, as long as I don’t stop doing the things I love.

A shot from Natalie at the Black Bear Tri last weekend.

A shot from Natalie of Matt and I at the bike transition at the Black Bear Tri last weekend.

And figuring out how to do it all is the challenge now. So wish me luck on my first day back. 🙂


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