Area woman “goes for a run” 40 weeks pregnant


10 percent to get things moving, 10 percent because it was such an awesome day, and 80 percent for the bragging rights.


I posted this photo to Facebook this morning and one of my friends joked that Baby Runs hit the snooze button. I can’t say I’ve been seeing any definite signs she’s coming soon. I’ll take solace in the fact that no one in the history of humans has been pregnant forever.


I missed running. This was the first time since May 14 that I actually strapped on my running sneakers and heart rate monitor. I stopped for 2 weeks in March with a hip problem, but in May it just felt daunting to go out and do what I was used to, so I switched to walking.

(Peaches will always be my baby, but she doesn’t make a great running partner.)

I went out for 20 minutes and ran 95% of the way.


I probably could have kept running, even just a little, over these past two months, but I don’t have regrets. I did what my body wanted me to do. I got on the scale this morning at 188 pounds for a total weight gain of 24 pounds since November.

(Earned post-run lemonade)


Tony very grudgingly took these pictures after I went out without my phone. “What if you went into labor on the side of the road?!” He’s cute.


Any day now!

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