Barkk… To end the Silence race report

This will be/has been a weekend of firsts. It was a first for Scoop and Georgia — their first race!

Pro-tip: Don’t take photos and hold a wiggly pug at the same time.

It was a 5K held on the waterfront in downtown Bangor to raise money for building the Maine’s first domestic violence shelter that can also accommodate pets. Usually dogs aren’t allowed at races, so that made this kinda special. 🙂

The runners headed off way ahead of us

It also made Tony very worried because Scoop is a) small and b) submissive, so he stresses out easily around other dogs . But they both did great. Everyone was very courteous and we didn’t have any issues.

I call it a race but we didn’t actually run much of it. Scoop and I run-walked the one loop of the two-loop course; Tony and Georgia made it Hollywood Slots (about the half-way point of one loop) before she was done for the day. Being pugs, they don’t cool themselves very efficiently by panting, and we didn’t want to push it.

Scoop, sporting his new purple bandana after the race.

I’m really glad we could get out on this beautiful amazing day to support this cause. At the opening ceremony, the event organizer Jenny told her story about how she was in an abusive relationship many years ago, and ten months ago her abuser killed his partner. When it happened, she said she thought about why she stayed in that relationship and the answer was obvious: Because of her pet. There aren’t any shelters for domestic violence survivors in Maine that can accommodate pets — yet.

And I can understand how a pet can be such a source of comfort and happiness; not only could I not imagine life without them but I can’t imagine leaving them in a situation which could be so unsafe.

Thursday was Tony’s and my anniversary — four years! Already!

I feel so lucky that not only am I married to the sweetest, most amazing man in the world, and that we have the cutest if not most well behaved dogs ever, and that I will never have to make that decision between my safety and my pets. And I’m glad to be able to support this cause.

The flowers he sent me at the office on our anniversary ... with my desk pictures of Scoop and Georgia.

The flowers he sent me at the office on our anniversary … with my desk pictures of Scoop and Georgia.

For more information about the race or the Paw It Forward Foundation, check out the event website or the Facebook page.

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