10 things I love about swimming

The name of the blog might be Pattie Runs, but for the past four weeks, there has been no running.

I did try it out on Monday night. Without the ace bandage, because I think that was making it worse, not better. It was better in the sense that I didn’t feel this automatic pinching pain when I started. It’s more like a pressure that kept building until I just didn’t feel like I could run any more. I went out for a mile and turned around, but had to walk the last half-mile home.

The frustrating part is that walking, for the most part, feels fine now. As does swimming and cycling.

I broke down and called Bob at Central Maine Conditioning Clinic. I know that the doctor would just tell me that “if it hurts, just don’t run” and what I need now is some professional advice on what to do about my training. Marathon training for a May event would start next week.

The bright side of this is that I have really thrown myself into improving my swim, something I know I wouldn’t have taken seriously l if I were still running. I’ve swam 8 times in 2013 and I really feel the difference from November.

Things I like about swimming:

1. I like to pretend I’m flying over the bottom of the pool.

2. I’m developing my Michelle Obama arms.

3. There is something very fulfilling about getting up and working out and coming home when it’s still dark outside. … Seriously. I’m not crazy!

4. I look so much more awesome in a bathing suit than I used to.

5. It’s a much more solitary, less stimuli-filled workout, so I get a lot of thinking done.

6. Nothing stretches your spine out like a good swim. Except maybe yoga.

7. Snapping a good flip turn makes me feel awesome.

8. People of all ages, shapes and sizes can do it. And do it well.

9. Much, much less laundry than running.

10. Every time I go back I see improvement over the last time.

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