Things that make me happy

1. After feeling sick for a week or so, I was back with a vengeance on Wednesday. 7 mile run, 1 mile swim, 23 mile bike. It was like my Saturday because I have to work on Saturday (and have a race on Sunday) so I might have laid it on hard. It was awesome. I went to bed tired.

2. I’m still feeling tired on Friday morning. But it’s summer! It gets light at 4 and stays dark until 9! I want to go outside and play and do all things!

3. Tony is in Arizona until Sunday visiting his family. I have eaten Cheerios with bananas, strawberries and blueberries for breakfast and dinner for the past two days he’s been gone. I haven’t eaten a vegetable in the better part of the week, but I’m sure I’ve eaten many times the daily recommended value of fruit.


5. I went to a doctor’s appointment the other day and when she was going through my file, the receptionist said, “No wonder you look so fit, if you run 40 miles per week*.”

That made me happy. I’m no

But I’ve come a long way from

*Truth: that was an exaggeration. Daily Mile tells me that my average weekly distance for the past 26 weeks is 26.7 miles per week.

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