Hey guys, remember me? Wondering if I’m still running?


Hey guys, remember me? Wondering if I’m still running?

No you weren’t. :p

I actually need to do a 6 mile pace run this morning and I woke up godawful early because its going to be 9 million degrees today, but hey! I’ve neglected this for awhile.

I was sick last week. Not deathly-ill-I’m-gonna-die sick, not even I-feel-like-real-shitty-shit sick, just bleeeeeeeeeeeeh. Sore throat plus head congestion up the wazoo. The kind of sick you should run through but I didn’t anyway, because, you know what? That was the first week in probably 9 or 10 months that I ran less than 15 miles.

I ate like crap and I feel like I’ve been falling short of my goals since I took the week off (read, ran 14.86 miles) so I don’t want to blog because I only like to tell you about good things. I also have eaten pop-tarts/at restaurants exclusively for the past 9 days (mostly true) and was shocked (not true) when my weight chart started to look like this:

But keep it in perspective. It’s just 4 pounds. Lets never go above that again, at least under normal health circumstances, OK?

Hey! I have a half marathon this weekend.

I previewed the course in my last long run … two weeks ago … and its going to be nice. I know it won’t be a PR because I don’t feel in top physical shape (see above griping about weight gain/poor nutrition/general malaise). The course is going to be beautiful, and incorporate some new running routes into my routine. I’ve never really run in North Lewiston before. I’m just going to go, have a good time, and run by myself because Tony went to Arizona for the weekend (sob).

OK. 6 miles. Lets do this.

Before it’s 92 degrees. Yeech!

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