Checking in from St. Petersburg

I’ve been absent for the blog for the past few days while I’ve been at a journalism/programming seminar in St. Petersburg.

I know it’s not really part of the subject of this blog but OMG so good. This was such a professional reboot that I needed. I feel so excited with the potential of all the awesome things I’m going to build.

It was this very same weekend last year that I was here in Florida with my family at my brother’s graduation. I ran my first race at a sub-10 minute mile pace while I was here. I remember being really excited to get under 160 pounds for that trip.

Well, this weekend wasn’t about running, nor did I do very much of it, but I did get about 7 miles in altogether. I’m a bit farther south this time but on the same coast.

It wasn’t as hot this time but it was humid, like running in an terrarium. The sidewalks were really slippery/I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and I took a nasty nasty tumble.

Drat. The last knee scrape I had gotten while running had just about healed, too.

What I do like about running in Florida is that the landscape is so FLAT. I can soar forever. My easy pace is about 30 seconds faster because there are no hills.

This isn’t the first trip I’ve ever taken alone — ugh, lets not get into that — but it is the first time I’ve ever stayed in a hotel room by myself. Fitting running into my traveling routine I think was actually harder on this trip than ones where I’ve travelled with others. Part of that was the jam-packed schedule, and part of it was  … running is such a wonderful respite from the pressures of spending every second with your travelling partners. When you’re by yourself, you don’t feel so much pressure to schedule that in there.

Did I mention this class was so good? I’m going to stop blogging and go code now.


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