Happy Labor Day weekend!

The weekend started with an easy 12-mile run on Saturday in Brunswick with my friends Wanda, Jen, and Brenda.

Easy? 12 miles? In the same sentence? Something is really wrong with me. 🙂

Saturday afternoon was spent clothes shopping in Freeport, where I got some major deals. The thing about losing a lot of weight is that … almost nothing I owned a year ago fits me now.

My closet

Every couple of weeks or so, I’ve gone through and pulled out the stuff that really doesn’t fit at all any more … and now I’m starting to go through clothes that I’ve bought in the past year and they don’t fit either.  They say in Weight Watchers you should give away your fat clothes, but my frugal self hates giving away clothes I wore only a few times.

Also, totally fit into and bought this this weekend:

That's a size 6, baby.

Did I buy a size 6? A size 6? I think I last wore a 6 in fourth or fifth grade.  (This says more about how much clothing has grown in the past 15 years than my newly svelte physique, I fear.)

But whatever! I’ll take it.

I got two pairs of pants (pictured above), four T-shirts, a new bra, running capris, running sneakers, and a scarf. For about $200 altogether, with mad discounts and cash back from the Gap and Banana Republic. Huzzah!

The rest of the weekend was filled with beer and friends. Tony and I went to Portland for the Portland Brew Fest where we saw tons of old and new friends. I am glad to say that I ran more miles than beers drank this holiday weekend … but I’ll leave it at that. 😉

Tony and Les Pugs

This is about how we felt afterwards.

I have a 20-miler scheduled at the end of this week — the last long run of my first marathon training plan. I think I will need to detox all week just to make up for this weekend.

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