Since my next *definite* race is the LADU (bike & swim duathalon) at the end of June, I started cycling. My friend Mike also organizes a 100-mile bike trip from Yarmouth to Rangely in the summer that I want to go on, too.

So I think, I just ran a half-marathon. I can be active for 3 hours easily, no sweat. And cycling isn’t as hard as running, right?

Cyclists, I am sorry I misjudged you so.

Things I do like about cycling:

  • Going downhill
  • Seeing more stuff

Things I do not like about cycling:

  • Going uphill
  • Sitting in a pointy saddle
  • A good bike == $$$$

I have a pretty swank bike that I bought a few years ago by dropping a class on print production. Seeing as I continued my career in the newspaper business I do kinda regret dropping that class, but the bike is pretty hawt:

Bianchi Cafe Racer

Lamentably, it is a commuter bike, and not really a road bike. So while I look awesome riding it, I am a bit slow.

My super awesome co-worker Judy lent me one of her road bikes until I get one of my own. It is like night and day. My average speed for my previous 2 cycle workouts was about 9 mph, and on her road bike, it was 12.5 for the same route.

It doesn’t make going uphill effortless, but it does make it more fun.

I’ve been having a really good, healthy week this week. Lotsa carrots, grapes, yogurt, burritos, smoothies, apples, granola and peanut butter. The scale went up a bit today, but fuck it. I feel really good.

Two of my new favorite blogs for recipes are Budget Bytes and fANNEtastic food. I’m really excited to try this recipe for tuna salad.

The more I cook for myself, the better I make things and the better I feel. It is so consistently worth the time and energy.  Hope you all are having an amazing week. 🙂

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